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Ember Dashboard

HTML5 Powered

Ember Dashboard template has been design to provide the foundation needed to build an amazing dashboard application. It is a premium dashboard template built using the Bootstrap 3.0 framework and HTML5 technologies.

The template provides a standard layout with a sliding panel on the left and the main content on the right. It includes multiple dashboard layouts, fixed/unfixed top and bottom toolbars, many types of responsive charts (including realtime charts), many types of dashboard metrics, tables, advanced UI controls, form validation samples, date-time pickers, multiple select components, advanced rich text editor, file upload component, credit card input forms, photo galleries, modal windows, alerts, awesome icons, signup/signin/lock forms and many more components.

With this template you will get the foundations to for a dashboard application and a large collection of components to build any type of advanced EmberJS dashboard.

Theme Features
  • Sliding left panel layout
  • Configurable auto-slide left panel
  • Fixed/unfixed top and bottom toolbars
  • Configurable fix/unfixed toolbars
  • Expand/collapse options panel component
  • Auto populating breadcrumbs component
  • Multiple dashboard layouts
  • Multiple types of static and realtime charts
  • Styled menu controls
  • Numeric, percentage, date and time metric components
  • Simple form validation
  • Simple input mask
  • Date/time picker
  • Power select component
  • Advanced rich text editor
  • Easy file upload component
  • Credit card input component
  • Advanced calendar component
  • Font-awesome icons component
  • Toast alerts component
  • Slider UI component
  • Spiner component
  • Bootstrap modal window component
  • Sortable/searchable data table component
  • Lightbox gallery component
  • Carousel gallery component
  • Slick carousel gallery component
  • Floating gallery sample
  • Masonry grid gallery component
  • Justified grid gallery component
  • Login form sample
  • Registration form sample
  • Password form sample
  • Lock screen form sample

Components & Credits

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Html5 Yes
EmberJS Yes (v2.4.0)
License Single Application
Type Premium
Resource ID 1001
Theme Version 1.0.4
Ember CLI Yes
Bower Yes
Chrome Yes
Firefox Yes
Safari Yes
IE 10 Yes
IE 11 Yes

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