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Ember Vitality

HTML5 Powered

Ember Vitality is premium bootstrap-based theme. It has been built to provide the foundations for creating modern looking websites. It uses a standard media-based layout, with large images and multiples sections for making outstanding websites.

This template uses LiquidFire and Animate.css to provide beautiful transitions between elements and pages. Creating a smooth content rich experience that is very pleasant to look at.

The structure of most pages is composed of easy to use/re-use pod-components. Featuring 26 custom pod-components that can be used to create variation of pages and section to provide an unlimited number of content-rich pages.

With this template you will have 4 different home pages, 4 content sample pages, 3 types of image galleries and page samples for sections like "About us", "Blog", "Coming Soon", "Contact us", "Clients", "FAQs", "Invoice", "Pricing", "Search", "Search Results", "Services" and "404 Error".

Theme Features
  • LiquidFire and Animate.css animations
  • Animated and translutient bars and menus
  • Fixed/unfixed top and bottom toolbars
  • Configurable fix/unfixed toolbars
  • 4 different home pages
  • 4 sample section pages
  • 3 photo galleries
  • 12 commonly used sample pages
  • All pages fully responsive
  • Mobile ready layout
  • 26 custom pod-components for builing pages
  • Carouse, masonry and justified image components

Components & Credits

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Html5 Yes
EmberJS Yes (v2.4.0)
License Single Application
Type Premium
Resource ID 1002
Theme Version 1.0.0
Ember CLI Yes
Bower Yes
Chrome Yes
Firefox Yes
Safari Yes
IE 10 Yes
IE 11 Yes

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