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Ember Start Boostrap Admin

HTML5 Powered

This theme implements a simple admin dashboard. It includes visualization widgets, events timeline, Flot.js and Morris.js charts, realtime Flot charts, advanced data tables, sample forms, bootstrap UI elements and sidebar navigation.

You can use this theme as a base for an advanced dashboard Ember application. It is very easy to use and it has been customized to use ember components for easy code reuse, including font-awesome and multiple wrapper components.

It also uses a variety of JQuery plugins for making advanced data tables sortable, etc. The overall design is on white and light gray colors to make it very compatible with custom brand images and logos.

Theme Features
  • Fixed top bar
  • Multi level sidebar navigation
  • Dashboard widgets
  • Fully responsive
  • Morris.js Charts
  • Flot.js Charts
  • Realtime Charts
  • Advanced Data Tables
  • Events timeline
  • Basic Forms
  • 3 custom panel styles
  • Custom circle icon buttons
  • Social buttons
  • Sample login page

Components & Credits

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Html5 Yes
EmberJS Yes (v2.4.0)
License Single Application
Type Premium
Resource ID 1007
Theme Version 1.0.0
Ember CLI Yes
Bower Yes
Chrome Yes
Firefox Yes
Safari Yes
IE 10 Yes
IE 11 Yes

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