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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are EmberJS themes?

Ember themes are sample web applications built with EmberJS.

2. How can I use these themes?

You can use these themes to bootstrap the development of your ember app. By starting with an existing app you can focus on developing only the parts that you need.

3. What is included in an EmberJS theme?

An EmberJS theme includes all the source code used to build the sample application. This includes the EmberJS classes like routes, controllers, components and templates. Also all the Html markup, CSS and images used to build the theme.

4. Why some themes show Html5 framework as well as EmberJS?

Some themes include the sample application for the EmberJS framework and also for other frameworks such as just Html5. This means that the theme is implemented in both frameworks. Some themes might provide the implementation of the EmberJS theme in other Javascript Frameworks like ReactJS or AngularJS.

5. What is the structure of an EmberJS theme?

An EmberJS theme normally includes the following folder and files:

├── app/
├── config/
├── dist/
├── public/
├── tests/
├── vendor/
├── bower.json
├── ember-cli-build.js
├── package.json
└── testem.json

6. How do I run and execute an Ember theme?

You need to have ember-cli installed in your system. Follow the instructions in the website. Once you install ember on your system, you need to run 'bower install' and 'npm install' to install all the dependencies. Then you can run 'ember build' to have the website build. You must run these commands from the root directory of your theme.

7. What is the structure of the Html5 only themes?

Html5 only themes include all the markup and css required to execute the web pages. They don't include any javascript framework so they can be opened with the browser by opening the index.html file at the root directory of the theme.